1 Nov Group Standard VW Issue Class. No.: Descriptors: crimp connection, electrical connection, crimp, contact, connector. 10 May VW Group Standard Class. No.: Descriptors: crimp connection, electrical connection, crimp, contact, connector, solderless. 1 Sep The most recent automotive specification is the VW which is the only process-oriented specification indicating how often testing should.

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The following article will compare and contrast the current quality standards that are most commonly used today. So what tolerance is used? The more vertical the angle is and the larger the height is the stronger the crimp will be over time. The sides of the crimp tooling are vw 60330 i.

Not only do we need to keep track of the vw 60330 standards in the US but now that US vw 60330 are bidding for European jobs, we need to understand the European standards as well. The VW specification mandates their use depending on wire size. Most terminal manufacturers do not reference tolerances for crimp width.

Crimp Quality Standards Comparison and Trends

vw 60330 The face end clearance 6 is an indication if the terminal is properly sized to the wire. To comply with USCAR you could not use the vw 60330 lb N pull test devices unless it had an accuracy of better than 0.

This can be challenging vw 60330 as we all know, tooling wears. Each standard has their subtle differences. What are companies measuring and is it really correct?

For more information on the respective specifications, please go to:. Gw reason is to eliminate the vw 60330 for the flash to affect the measurement Fig.


The UL and VW vw 60330 do not specify a rate, so manufacturers can use the fastest method available as long as there is no sudden jerking on the sample. It was written by the Volkswagen Company primarily for their suppliers. Vw 60330 crimp height 1 is the standard measurement.

Vw 60330 in Wiring Harness News. The wire used is a 26 AWG and the crimp height and width is as vvw by the manufacturer. Crimp Quality Standards Comparison and Trends.

Crimp Quality Standards Comparison and Trends | Schleuniger North America

The distance between face ends v is also vw 60330 indication of how centered the vw 60330 is in the crimp. The VW specification provides higher pull test values if the insulation crimp is left intact.

Aside from simple mistakes made during the harness manufacturing process, terminals can go out of tolerance in the manufacturing process and frequently companies need to use terminals that are 60330 large for the wire. Vw 60330 too often, they demand higher quality at the same or lower price.

Only the VW specification states that 5 samples must be tested for each set-up.

Technically it is between the tangents of the radii of the crimp die. Pull rate is wv rate at which the wire and the terminal are pulled apart.

Vw 60330 specifies a rate between 50 — mm per minute, but mm per minute is preferred. The preceding discussion covered a very small percentage of the respective vw 60330, but hopefully this has given you a better understanding of the different specifications and how fw may be applied in your business.

Some companies will use their own tolerances but some vw 60330 will apply them differently. Finally, base thickness 10 is an indication if the material has been over-crimped. On the other hand, this type of equipment is the only way to get a clear picture of vw 60330 inside of the crimp Fig 5. Different operators may take the same measurement differently and vw 60330 out with different results.

Micrograph systems, or crimp cross sectioning equipment, were typically only vw 60330 where applicator tooling was manufactured or in the labs of the large wire harness suppliers. The crimp width 2 or the v crimp width can only be measured using a micrograph. The crimp vw 60330 tolerance is usually not listed in terminal specifications because it usually refers to the tangent width, which is the non-measurable crimp width.

It can be 06330 because different values may be achieved if pull rates are not consistent. Most systems use an electrolytic staining process rather than acid etching. These issues make data collection more difficult and vw 60330 we all know, data collection can be a very time-consuming and inefficient process if not done correctly.