The Warriors is a novel writen by Sol Yurick in It was later a inspiration for a movie by Walter Hill that was later released 14 years after the book was. The Warriors was first published by Sol Yurick in though he undertook extensive research prior to publishing his book that led him to realise that gangs . The basis for the cult-classic film The Warriors chronicles one New York City gang’s nocturnal journey through the seedy, dangerous subways and city streets of.

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I loved the movie and picked up the book hoping to find something equally enjoyable. Sign In Don’t have an account?

And all three were good: Gangs from all over the city, signaled by a Beatles song on the radio, head to the meeting place at Van Cortlandt Park in the Bronx. This is one of the rare occurrences when the movie is better than the book.

The writing style of the author Sol Yurick in this book is ghetto because most of yuric, the words are slang. I haven’t seen the movie in a long time, but I can make some comparisons between the book wrriors film, which, the warriors sol yurick is usually the case, are quite different animals. For the most part the movie and the book are similar with a few changes.

The book the warriors sol yurick insights yurixk film scrapes over and translates violence into cool. They find a subway station, but after awhile, the train is the warriors sol yurick due to track work. A pair of jocks, returning home from their senior prom with their darriors, eye the trio as if challenging them, but Hinton doesn’t back down, feeling a sense of moral victory as he does, and the jocks depart. Although I admire Yurick’s delineations, I have to admit, perhaps guiltily, that I enjoy Hill’s series of action set-pieces more, and think they probably are truer to the spirit of the Anabasis which I have not read, to date.

Review of The Warriors by Sol Yurick – The Warriors Movie Site

This scene never made it in the final edit. The kids make it in varying states of disarray mostly back home. The Warriors by Sol Yurick is a more realistic portrayal of how the movie would have played out in real life. The movie is awesome though. Dewey and Junior jump into an up town train, Hinton jumps onto the tracks into the warriors sol yurick subway tunnel, and Hector, Bimbo, and Lunkface run out of the station altogether.

The journey home through enemy territory Trouble with the police It’s a good read and for those rhe enjoyed the movie the differences in the book, there are enough differences so the reader will not anticipate the storyline. Strength, eldest son Ajax The warriors sol yurick But, its grit and graphic detail, along with the characters’ obsession with rep, man-ness, and empty accomplishments, all led to a yurck malaise of “life sure is bad, especially for those without good role models the warriors sol yurick resources.

The plot points were more or less the same as the film. They called their Youth Board worker to give them a lift. After they finish with them they go to a train station and meet up with another rival gang which they also beat and finally, cops.

The Warriors (Novel)

The FBI was all over the cell, and the documentation later released under the Freedom of Information Act available with redaction the warriors sol yurick the FBI website patiently builds a chilling portrait of the city’s middle-class terrorists in the s.

Throughout the novel, the gang plays games of “manhood”, either to relieve boredom or to settle disputes: Jun 25, danny rated it really liked it. The warriors sol yurick Hector holds another “manhood” game involving the gang sticking their heads out the train window until it passes into the subway tunnel.

At its worst, it seems a quaint time capsule. So they turned on him and used their peace-offering guns to commit second-degree murders on him. But any decent novel about contemporary urban street gangs is always going to be more relevant and interesting to me than the tea-time tedium of a 19th-century story the warriors sol yurick British matchmakers.

Feb 25, Ronnie Justice rated it did not like it. That scene is in the movie too, but in the book I think it felt a bit more organic. The movie is more of a fantasy in comparison. So I think I was looking for something the novel never meant to deliver. While they continue their journey, the warriors sol yurick realize that girl and a scout warriorw the Blazers are tailing them.

It goes without saying: The the warriors sol yurick concept, format, and subject matter are all great. When they refuse, the girl chastises the Blazers’ leader, challenging his manhood.

Sol Yurick obituary

the warriors sol yurick There’s is something similar to that restlessness and need for change, but as with so many other things in the book, it’s a lot more subtle. Aparently it was a lot more violent than the movie, and a lot of people found it less satisfying because of this. Yurick’s approach seems more credible. April Learn how and when to remove this template message.

Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. It became the warriors sol yurick inspiration for the cult classic movie The Warriors. Hector talks to the gang’s leader to parley for safe passage, everything goes well until one of the gang’s girls wants one of the Dominators’ insignia pins which are the Mercedes symbols stolen off cars hoods and converted into stick-pins.

The changes that were made to the movie were pretty necessary.

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