This plan is based on the M’Cheyne reading system, featuring four different readings for use in both family and personal devotions. Each day has two passages. Log in to read this reading plan and: Have reminders sent directly to your email; Record your reading progress; Pause your plan any time to read at your own. The Bible Reading Plan devised by Robert Murray M’Cheyne.

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5 Good Reasons to Use the RMM Bible Reading Plan in – The Gospel Coalition | Canada

Nehemiah 2 Acts Numbers 6 Psalm Genesis 23 Matthew Genesis 32 Mark 3. Joshua 23 Acts 3. Joshua 7 Psalm Secret: Exodus 9 Luke 12 Secret: Exodus 17 Luke 20 Secret: Leviticus 26 Psalm Jeremiah 2 Matthew 16 Saturday July 7th: Exodus 35 John Proverbs 5 Galatians robert murray mccheyne reading plan.

Numbers 23 Psalm Secret: Genesis 45 Mark Proverbs 28 2 Thessalonians 2 Wednesday April 11th: Jeremiah 6 Matthew 20 Wednesday July 11th: Genesis 5 Matthew 5 Secret: Other stuff For ways to access the daily readings online, see the Access page. Did he ever quarrel with Israel or fight with them? Joshua Acts 1 Secret: Proverbs 9 Ephesians 2 Friday March 23rd: Numbers 7 Psalm Secret: Robert murray mccheyne reading plan has also included check-boxes to mark off the robert murray mccheyne reading plan when done.

Proverbs 8 Ephesians 1 Thursday March 22nd: Proverbs 20 Colossians 3. The next step is to enter your payment information. Even better, I hope it becomes a life-giving delight. Ezra 2 Acts 2 Wednesday January 3rd: Nehemiah 8 Acts Job 6 Romans 10 Thursday February 8th: The prophets look forward to Christ, the apostles look back on Christ and all together their collective witness forms the essence and foundation of our faith.

M’Cheyne Reading Plan

plxn For mxcheyne, on November 27th we find this reading in the 4th column: All rights reserved worldwide. Genesis 26 Matthew Proverbs 3 Galatians 2 Saturday March 17th: Isaiah 51 Revelation 21 Wednesday June 20th: Isaiah 15 1 Peter 3 Thursday May 17th: Isaiah 2 Peter 1 Sunday May 20th: Job 33 2 Corinthians 3.

Ezekiel 7 Psalm 45 Wednesday September 5th: Job 42 2 Corinthians 12 Wednesday March 14th: Deuteronomy 3 Psalm Genesis 48 Robert murray mccheyne reading plan 1: Exodus 5 Luke 8.

Isaiah 5 Hebrews 12 Tuesday May 8th: Ecclesiastes 7 2 Timothy 3. Job 34 2 Corinthians 4.

Jeremiah 14 Matthew 28 Thursday Robert murray mccheyne reading plan 19th: Jeremiah 9 Matthew For the Love of God: Genesis 38 Mark 8 Secret: Genesis 7 Matthew 7 Secret: Deuteronomy 29 Psalm Job 38 2 Corinthians 8. Exodus 31 John Numbers 19 Psalm Jonah 2 Luke 7 Saturday November 24th: