Installation requirements for oil storage & supply systems Technical Book 3 Edition, to assist those involved in oil delivery, installation & maintenance. Safe working practices for oil firing and delivery technicians Technical Book 1 Edition, to assist those involved in delivery, OFTEC TECHNICAL BOOK 3. 1 Oct conjunction with the Oil Firing Technical Association (OFTEC) on oil-fired . Book 3. The professional’s guide to oil fired heating system design.

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And of course, under no circumstances should wheelie bins, coal bunkers or barbecues of any description be placed etchnical or near an oil storage tankā€¦ in fact they should be kept as far from oftec technical book 3 tank as possible.

Fixed tanks must be bunded. The lock should be on one or more of the following: Exactly the same requirements apply whether the tank is manufactured from plastic, steel or any other material.

Oil Storage Regulations – OFTEC Regulations – OFTEC Inspections

To minimise the risk oftec technical book 3 pollution from an oil spill, non-domestic oil storage tanks exceeding litres must be provided with secondary containment bunding. Fires at oil storage installations are very, very rare and home heating oil has consistently proven itself to be amongst the safest home heating fuels available.

Fueldump supply industry standard oil storage tank hydrostatic level gauging oftec technical book 3 sight gauging from our contents gauge section on our website here: Externally sited non-domestic oil storage tanks should comply with the fire separation requirements in column A of Table 1. But you must follow the rules for businesses in this guide if you store oil on a farm for non-agricultural business purposes, for example to fuel lorries or trucks.

Remote filling If you fill your container via a remote fill pipe you must use a drip tray to catch any oil that may be spilled during the delivery. Armagh, after a householder placed a disposable barbecue in a plastic wheelie bin, assuming it oftec technical book 3 be harmless.

Guide to Non-Domestic Oil Storage

oftec technical book 3 Where these separation distances cannot be achieved, a screen wall must be provided between the tank and the hazard either building or boundry in accordance with the specifications in column B. In the first instance, oil installations are broken down according to the type of premises and the capacity rechnical the tank to be installed.

It is important to keep a sense of perspective about fire tchnical requirements. It is recommended that oil storage tanks and their ancillary equipment are inspected on an annual basis by an OFTEC registered Technician.

If your underground oftec technical book 3 contains mechanical joints, you must also be able to visually inspect each joint at any time.

The shape and size rectangular, horizontal cylindrical or vertical cylindrical should be selected by taking into oftec technical book 3 the available space for the installation and the capacity required to serve the appliance s. Down, two properties were seriously damaged, after a fire originating in outbuildings, spread to adjacent tanks.

Fire safety requirements highlighted at Class 1 Installations

At all oil storage installations, foliage and plants should be kept a minimum of mm from a oftec technical book 3, and combustible debris, rubbish, litter and waste should be not allowed to accumulate close to any tank. Other containers can be bunded or use drip trays.

Oil dealer begins delivering new, cleaner blend of heating oftecc July 26, However, just like a car airbag, fire safety precautions exist at oil storage installations, because it is hoped they will never be required. You must follow the rules in this guide if you oftec technical book 3 any of these types of oil: It is imperative therefore, that they are adequately protected from the risk of fire originating at an external lftec. If oftec technical book 3 tank is within 1. Young professionals debate Energy Industry future July 27, Maintenance Steel oil storage tanks, when properly installed, may require infrequent maintenance during thier useful life.

The walls, roof and doors of the chamber will require a fire rating of between 30 minutes and 4 hours, depending on the class oftec technical book 3 oil storage and capacity of the tank.

Oil depots at airports owned by oil companies are considered premises for onward distribution. Earlier this oftec technical book 3, three homes were badly damaged in Portadown, Co. It is important to provide facilities for measuring the quantity of oil in a tank. This tap or valve must not be able to be fixed open unless it also has an automatic cut off mechanism. This guide applies to non-domestic oil storage tanks including those supplying commercial buildings such as offices, village halls, churches and schools.

Bases The ofec to provide suitable bases and oftce for oil storage tanks is of oftec technical book 3 importance for oftec technical book 3 of both safety and environmental protection.

You must be logged in to post a comment. Plastic oil storage tanks usually require little maintenance. It also applies to domestic tanks over litres in capacity supplying single family dwellings. Oil types You must follow the rules in this guide if you store any of these types of oil: However, at installations where space is limited, this is simply not practical.