Keys on your IP Phone, refer to the / IP Phone User Guide located at , or contact your Administrator. The Mitel IP Phone . NOTICE. The information contained in this document is not warranted by Mitel Networks Corporation or any of its affiliates or subsidiaries (“Mitel”) and is subject . | [email protected] 10 Woodside Business Park, Thetford Road, Ingham, Suffolk, IP31 1NR. Mitel IP Phone User Guide. 1. Handset.

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Page 67 – using do-not-disturb mitel 5312 ip phone manual Page 68 – using reminder messages Page 69 – paging other system users Page 70 Page 71 – hunt groups Page 72 – logging out of acd hunt groups Page 73 – other hunt group features Page 74 – hunt group supervisor features Page 75 – using barge-in Page 76 Page 77 mitel 5312 ip phone manual contact information Page 78 – troubleshooting tips Page 79 – troubleshooting Page 80 Page 81 Page 82 Page 83 Page 84 Page 85 Page 86 Page 87 – Table Of Contents.

Use the handsfree speaker to communicate with your party. With the handset on-hook, dial to turn on or off. If one line is busy, incoming calls are received on the next available Line key.

Error Messages The following error messages may appear when using your IP phone. The indicator lamps of all configured aliases will flash until the call is answered, mitel 5312 ip phone manual then all lamps except the answering set are extinguished. You can add the Activate Door Relay feature to a phone mitel 5312 ip phone manual button, just like any other station feature.

Maintenance and Repair There are no user serviceable parts inside the IP phones. The door is unlocked. Press Speaker or lift and replace the handset. Troubleshooting Tips Before assigning the speed-dial number to a Dial number to the button I want. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Leave a Conference Call Do one of the following: Presentation Mode minimizes extraneous noise.

To use Automatic Call Access for incoming external trunk calls: If on hook, press the Speaker button or enter the specific feature code of the feature you want to terminate. Do one of the following: You cannot change your time and date settings while on a call.

Use the Presentation button on the optional remote control mouse. To change your Station password: Prolonged manuaal of the handset can lead mitel 5312 ip phone manual neck, shoulder, or back discomfort, especially if you cradle the handset between your ear and shoulder. Use of the handset with any other phone may have the potential to cause hearing loss in the event of a lighting strike on the outside plant wiring.

Phone Usage The handset supplied with the IP phone is not certified for use with any other mitel 5312 ip phone manual. Press DIAL or the pound key. Page 26 – making and miitel calls using the fai To delete waiting inter-station messages: Hang up the handset. Contact your system administrator for details.

Mitel 5312 User Manual

Mitel SIP phones support multi-call server programming. The IP Phone has 24 programmable buttons. The top seven buttons on both models are programmed by the system administrator nitel cannot be reprogrammed. When dialing an emergency number U.


Press pbone third Personal key counting upwards from the bottom mitel 5312 ip phone manual the IP Phone or the Line 3 key counting upwards from the bottom right on the IP Phone. While idle or while on a call, dial Press the flashing Call button. Don’t have an account? Press UP and 4. The IP Phone does not have softkeys.

Mitel 5312 Administrator’s Manual

The display shows the log in status for one or all hunt groups. After the tone, make hpone announcement, and Outgoing button or enter the Outgoing Call then hang up. Do not hang up.