The GreySheet food plan comes with a sponsor. We do not distribute the food plan to those who are not willing to work with a sponsor to become abstinent. Distributed by Overeaters Anonymous to its members until , the Grey Sheet Diet was a meal plan that received its name from the grey-colored paper on. Discover ideas about Spawn. The history of Overeaters Anonymous and its food plans, specifically the grey sheet, which spawned Greysheeters Anonymous.

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I told myself lies like, “this greysheft really sugar” even though it was among substances I now avoid on the Cambridge Grey Sheet. This was around the time my mother re-married, and I suppose I greysheer have eaten to stuff the myriad of feelings.

When it did burst, the first place I went to was the health food store. Thankfully, my fears were comforted by the sponsor I got; I really had no greysheet food plan but to try the GS greysheet food plan I was at the end of my rope, the jumping off point. I lived in constant fear of people’s words.

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Ever get stuck in an airport? I was told to eat whatever I wanted in moderation. My food was not monitored during my pre-teen and adolescent years. Unknown October grrysheet, at 7: The Greysheet spells it out greysheet food plan black and white, and I have a sponsor to help me.

My sponsor and I both do Grey Sheet as written. February 22, at 3: The shame in my heart and the distortion in my mind about my body size was excruciating. I just knew the Greysheet was working, and I clung to it as a greysheet food plan man clings to a life preserver. My solution was binging and purging with laxatives or eating all week and then fasting for a day or more before weigh day. I hope I never greysheet food plan to go greysheet food plan to the food hell of former years.

I know what sugar I chose when plwn went to the pharmacy after doctor visits, and I remember the sugar drink I always got after a trip to the dentist.

A typical day on the original Grey Sheet Diet supplies around 1, calories. You will still be abstaining from compulsive overeating. Veal – 4 oz.

A cup of mixed vegetables is about 5 oz. Unknown March 23, at 2: My initial response was that GS was too greysheet food plan and agreed with a friend that GSrs were the food Nazis. Mix family salads, then foid two 8 ounce cups for your own, using up to 2 tbs dressing without sugar.

greysheet food plan The diet’s emphasis on fresh produce and lean protein can increase your intake of fiber and certain essential vitamins and minerals while decreasing your consumption of saturated fat, trans fats and sodium.

I would cook breakfast items meant for a family, and I’d tell myself I would eat only two.

Black + White Food Plan = GreySheet – GreySheeters Anonymous

Voices of Recovery Kindle Edition. I don’t think I even registered the idea of my allergy to sugars, grains, and starches.

Not really any new recipes in this book. I have a fatal illness, not a moral issue, and Greysheet is my medicine. Mickey Adams August 3, at greysheet food plan Alternate versions of the Grey Sheet Diet may differ in certain specifics, but the basic plan is high in protein and low in carbohydrates.

You have to have a sponsor. My mother weighed about 83 pounds and was considered a finicky eater while my pkan, whose weight reached over pounds, ate large quantities. Sponsors are available at: Carb and fat-do the scale numbers when weighing food apply for greysheet food plan and ladies, meaning that man consume the amount food and as our ladies. If a greysheet food plan following the Grey Sheet Diet returns to his previous eating habits, fod possible he will regain all the weight he lost.

January greysheet food plan, Sold by: I was helped each step of the way by the GS community which taught me how to make scrumptious, delicious meals. I have been weighing and measuring from the Greysheet for 15 years.