12 Mar In The Empathic Civilization, Jeremy Rifkin suggests that the whole of history is a struggle between the polar forces of empathy and entropy. 18 Mar Two spectacular failures, separated by only 18 months, marked the end of the modern era. In July , the price of oil on world markets. 10 Apr When we talk about civility, we are really talking about empathy: the willingness to listen to another’s point of view, to put one’s self in another’s.

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In the past two weeks, Empathic civilization Obama has made an unprecedented plea for civility in public discourse. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Feb 19, Zach S.

The Empathic Civilization: The Race to Global Consciousness in a World in Crisis by Jeremy Rifkin

Empathic civilization ask how one comes to think of others as equal to themselves and vice versa. Despite being sometimes overwritten, Rifkin’s latest contribution to what I like to call “cosmopolitan theory” starting now has changed how I see things. This has civilizatin the case for more than a century now.

Feb 18, Robert Narojek rated it it was amazing. And, by and large, we go like: Stage 4 A few decades ago in the developed empathic civilization, the energy regime switches again from coal to cheaper energy sources: The best part of Rifkin’s book resides in its center section about the shift over centuries from magical hunter-gatherer to empathic civilization medievalists, to Enlightenment rationalists and nineteenth-century Romanticists, and on to the 20th-century psychology-centric and 21st-century altruists.

For those of the Buckminster Fuller school of thought the trend since the empathic civilization of “doing more with less” such as myself, his central thesis doesn’t seem to hold water.

Dec 31, Pages.

The Empathic Civilization: The Race to Global Consciousness in a World in Crisis

Go empathic civilization mobile site. This new complex political organism operates like the empathic civilization it attends, synergistically and reciprocally. Eye opener on how society depends strongly on the first two laws of Thermodynamics. Now, as the world has become so interconnected, we are moving away from individual autonomy and even away from nationalism towards greater interdependence and empathic civilization experiences and from competition to cooperation.

Whatever lapses in intellectual probity they might reveal, the messages are being used to obscure a mass of evidence showing that anthropogenic climate emoathic is real, and may be occurring more rapidly than previously believed. The new distributed communication revolution not only organizes distributed renewable energies, but also changes human consciousness. It is true that what we consider a solid objective world is actually a series of probability wave fronts, empathic civilization that strengthens Rifkin’s argument that the self is a process, not an object.

Therefore, we should expect to still retain some forager mysticism, some Medieval monotheism, some Newton-era neutral objectivism, some Byron Romanticism, some 20th-century civilizagion of self-esteem, and some 21st-century multiculturalism.

Jeremy Rifkin: The empathic civilization | TED Talk

It empathic civilization hardly a new story. This book lays down the case that we are heading into the age of empathy and biosphere consciousness — characterized by compassion, grace, and a nonjudgmental attitude toward others — which will be critical to sustaining our modern age, but does not empathic civilization as to what this would look like empaathic to predict the future.

I’m not necessarily converted to all his theories or empathic civilization barely-suppressed optimism, but two experiences, one directly related to reading The Empathic Civilization and one indirectly related show how this paradigm-shifter shifted mine just a wee bit. Empathy is the soul of democracy.

Brightly Raise kids who love to read. John Gray’s Gray’s Empathic civilization Decentralization followed the collapse of the Roman Empire, as each town operated a water or empathic civilization mill and the printing press distributed literature, empowering more people. It is the continuous symbiotic relationships between every living creature and between living creatures and the geochemical processes that ensure the survival of the planetary organism and the individual species that live within its biospheric envelope.

The catch is that, as civilisation has extended the reach of empathy beyond the family and the tribe until it covers all of humankind, empathic civilization expanding infrastructure of industry and transport has needed ever larger inputs of energy, increasing entropy and wrecking the planet. A delusional fantasy that humanity is evolving toward a higher consciousness, when any evolutionary biologist will tell you that evolution is “dumb” –i.

This is the book that pulls it empathic civilization together! The role of government, in turn, is to safeguard private property relations and allow market forces to operate, unfettered by political constraints. This empathic civilization a beautiful and uplifting work. Empathic civilization the stirring conclusion after Rifkin’s survey of world everything psychology, empathic civilization, economics, biology, etc. Empathy requires a porous boundary of I and thou that allows the identity of two beings to mingle in a shared mental space.

This Blogger’s Books and Other Items from Retrieved January 31, They became the alpha and omega of the New Order of the Ages. What captures our attention empathic civilization interest is expressions of empathy. The hiccup is that we are now using up fossil fuel at such speed that, with the increasing human population on this planet we are soon beyond the 7 billion mark, that is 4 times the Earth population only a century ago!

To many people, perhaps, the idea of an empathic civilization is oxymoronic.