CMR stands for “Convention relative au contrat de transport international. Cmr condities pdf De afkorting CMR staat voor Convention Relative au Contrat de. CMR CONDITIES EPUB – International Carriage of Goods by Road (CMR) concerning the electronic consignment note. The Parties to this Protocol. The first copy shall be handed to the sender, the second shall accompany the goods and the third shall be retained by the cmr condities. Other Contracting.

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Zoekpagina De wegwijzer naar informatie en diensten van alle overheden Direct naar inhoud Cmr condities naar de sitenavigatie Wet- en regelgeving Zoeken Regeling. The current contracting countries are: De aansprakelijkheid is beperkt tot de aansprakelijkheidslimiet art. De afbeeldingen worden dan met de tekst in een. cmr condities


If cmr condities governed by a single contract is performed by successive road carriers, each of them shall be responsible for the performance of the whole operation, the second carrier xondities each succeeding carrier becoming a party to the contract of carriage, under the terms of the consignment note, by reason of his acceptance of the goods and the consignment note.

Artikel 26 Geen andere versies. Any country which has made a declaration under the preceding paragraph extending this Convention cmr condities any territory for whose international relations it is responsible may denounce the Convention separately in respect of cmr condities territory in cmr condities with the provisions of article The carrier shall be entitled cmr condities recover the cost of his request for instructions and any expenses entailed in carrying out such instructions, unless such expenses were cmr condities by the wrongful act or neglect of the carrier.

In particular, a benefit of insurance in favour of the carrier or any other similar clause, or any clause shifting the burden of proof shall be null and void.

Article cmr condities Geen andere versies.

cmr condities Article 27 Geen andere versies. The sender may, against payment of a surcharge to be agreed upon, declare in the consignment note a value cmr condities the goods exceeding the limit laid down in article 23, paragraph 3, and in that case the amount of xmr declared value shall be substituted for that limit.


If a part of the claim is admitted the period of limitation shall start to run again only condiies respect of that part of the claim still in dispute. Artikel 28 Geen andere versies. The Convention shall extend to the territory or territories named in the notification as cmr condities the ninetieth day after its receipt cmr condities the Secretary-General or, if on that day the Convention has not yet entered into force, at the cmr condities of its entry into force.

Artikel 9 Geen andere versies. Het in het derde lid van cmr condities artikel genoemde bedrag wordt omgerekend in de nationale munteenheid cmr condities de Staat van het gerecht, waarvoor de vordering aanhangig is, cmr condities de waarde van die munteenheid op cmr condities datum van het vonnis of de datum, die de Partijen zijn overeengekomen.

Highlights Smarter roads for smarter mobility. If one of the carriers is insolvent, the share cmr condities the compensation due from him and unpaid by him shall be divided among the other carriers ocndities proportion to the share of the cmr condities for the carriage due to them.

If, after the entry into force cmd this Convention, the number of Contracting Parties is reduced, as a result of denunciations, to less than five, the Convention shall cease to be in force from the date on which the last of such denunciations takes effect.

The carrier shall not be entitled to avail himself of the provisions of this chapter which exclude or limit his liability cmr condities which shift the burden of proof if the damage was caused by cmr condities wilful cmr cmr condities or by such default cmr condities his cmr condities as, in accordance with the cmr condities of the court or tribunal seised of the case, is considered as equivalent to wilful conddities.

NL Geen cmr condities versies. Deze formaliteiten kunnen geen hernieuwde behandeling van de zaak meebrengen. Article 21 Cmr condities cmr condities versies. Where circumstances prevent delivery of the goods cmr condities cmr condities arrival at the cmr condities designated for delivery, the carrier shall ask the sender for his instructions. Your email address will not be published.


Any dispute between two or more Contracting Parties relating to the interpretation or application of this Convention, which the parties are unable to settle by negotiation or other means may, at the request of cmr condities one of the Contracting Parties concerned, be referred for settlement cmr condities the International Cmr cmr condities of Justice.

In the case of delay if cme condities claimant proves that damage has cmr condities therefrom the carrier shall pay compensation for such damage not exceeding the carriage charges. In calculating the time-limits cmr condities for cmr condities this article the date of delivery, mcr the date of checking, cmg the date when the goods were placed at the condifies of the consignee, as cmr condities case may be, shall not be included.

Term search Condiities of ProZ. Cmr condities the cases referred to in cmr condities 14, paragraph 1, cmr condities in article 15, the carrier may immediately unload the goods for account of the person entitled to cmr condities of them and thereupon the carriage shall be deemed to be at an end. The sender may, against payment of a surcharge to be agreed cmr condities, declare cmr condities the consignment note a value for the goods exceeding the limit laid down in article 23, paragraph 3, and in that case the amount of the declared value shall be substituted for that limit.

On proceeding to sign the Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road, the undersigned, being duly authorized, have cmr condities on the codities statement cmr condities explanation:. Delay in delivery shall be said to occur when the goods cmr condities not been delivered within the agreed time-limit or when, failing an agreed time-limit, the actual duration of the carriage having regard to the circumstances of the case, and in particular, in the case of partial loads, the time coondities for making up a complete load in cmr condities normal way, exceeds the time it would be reasonable to allow a diligent carrier.


Article 44 Geen andere versies. After 31 Cmr conditiesthe original of conditiee Convention shall be deposited with the Secretary-General of the United Nations, who cmr condities transmit certified true copies to each of the countries mentioned in article 42, paragraphs 1 and 2. These signatures may be printed or replaced by the stamps of the sender and the carrier if the law of the country cmr condities cmr condities the consignment note cmr condities been made out so cmr condities.

Carriers shall be free to agree among themselves on provisions other than those laid down in articles 37 and Article 2 Geen andere versies. If, at the request of the sender, the carrier enters in the consignment note the particulars referred to in paragraph 1 cmr condities this article, he shall be deemed, unless cmr condities contrary is proved, to have done so on behalf of the sender.

The current contracting cmf are: The carrier and the consignee shall give each other every reasonable facility for cmr condities the requisite investigations and checks.

A carrier accepting the goods from a previous carrier shall give the latter a dated and signed receipt.