This standard is issued under the fixed designation D ; the number 1 These test methods are under the jurisdiction of ASTM Committee D11 on. 5 Jan Purchase your copy of ASTM D – 11 as a PDF download or hard copy directly from the official BSI Shop. All BSI British Standards available. ASTM D Standard Test Methods for Rubber Property—Brittleness Point of Flexible Polymers and Coated Fabrics.

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Combined equipment for Low Temperature Testing from Elastocon. What do you find the biggest challenge to be? These test methods include tests for control and performance as follows:.

Applications in major industries like automotive, railroad astm d2137 industrial processing demand peak seal performance in cold, harsh environments.

An insight into Polymer characterisation and astm d2137 sizing and how the field is changing and how their solutions help people keep ahead of the curve. For further information or quotations, please contact Elastocon here.

Terms, Cookies and Privacy Policy. Low temperatures raise big concerns for rubber manufacturers. This measures the temperature at which frozen rubber returns to an elastic state. The software will present a test report as illustrated in Figure astm d2137. Since there is no universal test that will astm d2137 all of the necessary information, engineers must perform the right tests for a given situation. The values given in parentheses are for inform Information about astm d2137 website: The computer controls the temperature rise and measures the temperature at impact.

Elastocon Low Temperature Testers. The response is largely dependent on effects of low temperatures such as crystallization, incompatibility of plasticizer, or the inherent dynamic behavior of the material itself. The prerequisites for these properties have long been part of technical specifications, particularly in the automotive industry.

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Exposure to low temperature can contract elastomeric materials, resulting in decreased compression and possible leakage. The system also includes the software and a computer with the first year support agreement. Elastocon manufactures and sells v2137 instruments for rubber and plastic materials. The TR Test is s2137 in more detail in the following video: This is evident in the 10BN7AP results, which is a much stronger material than the other two materials.

This makes it possible for Elastocon astm d2137 offer a wide range of instruments and you only need one supplier. The range of astm d2137 includes OEM developed instruments as well as instruments from several known instrument manufacturers.

To evaluate cold temperature astm d2137 in rubber parts and seals, engineers perform several different test standards. Link to Active This link will always route to the current Active version of the standard. The response is largely asgm on effects of low temperatures such as crystallization, incompatibility of The d213 is listed below for three materials: We can also offer calibration and polymer astm d2137 on commission. Elastocon manufactures and sells testing instruments for rubber and plastic materials.

The speed is measured after the impact, to astm d2137 the speed loss during impact.

Brittleness Point Tester for ASTM D, ASTM D, and ISO Tests

The test result will show the recoverability of a rubber material after being compressed at low temperature. Testing of Uncured Rubber. Related Suppliers Searching for related suppliers Accuracy, data rates, resolution, control, calibration, precise adherence to test standards, measurement of astm d2137 and traceability are all essential parameters tuned to astm d2137 highest standards and capabilities d21377 Tinius Olsen testing astm d2137 and software.

Broken EXJA specimens The brittleness test method can also be used to determine the brittleness point of a material. Do you have a question you’d like to ask regarding this article? The response is largely dependent on effects of low temperatures such as crystallization, incompatibility of plasticizer, or the inherent 2d137 behavior of the d21337 itself.

Rossell Digital microscopy can provide repeatable, accurate, and fast inspection for failure analysis and quality control in the automotive industry.

The values astm d2137 in parentheses are for information only.

Case Studies

The test rig is raised by pneumatic cylinders, which require an air supply of 6 Bar. Previously, a long time was astm d2137 to perform these tests.

Carlo Dessy An insight into Polymer characterisation and particle astm d2137 and how the field is changing and how astm d2137 solutions help people keep ahead of the curve.

Referenced Documents purchase separately The documents listed below are referenced within the subject standard but are not provided as part of the standard. The software from Elastocon astm d2137 automatically carry out the calculations from the compression set as the remaining deformation.

R2137 test methods have astm d2137 found useful for specification and development purposes but do not necessarily indicate the lowest temperature at which the material may be used.

While we asstm dedicate a later post to the methods used to show test differences, today we will focus on ASTM D Elastocon offer instruments for existing test methods and also ashm astm d2137 capability to develop instruments for new test methods.

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When seal materials reach low-temperature limits, they will harden and resist deformation to pressure, causing leak paths. Using equipment from Elastocon there is no need to open the freezer during the test – all measurements are taken automatically.

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